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Welcome to the home of Bob the Fish Productions. Where else, even on the Internet, will you find nostalgia, satire, social history, semiology and bum jokes all in one place?


Interested in television history? You're in the right place! Interested in how adverts work? Have we got a series for you? (Yes.) Want to be entertained by dry humour and offbeat observations? Don't go anywhere (besides further into this website)!

Watch our latest work above, watch the video below for more information, hit about for the same thing put more pretentiously, or just click around like a crazy madman, because there are literally dozens of entertaining and thought-provoking videos right here on this site waiting for you to gawp at them right now for absolutely nothing! (Unless you want to help pay for our upkeep, that is).

Why "Bob the Fish"?  You won't find out on this page, but you will learn a few things that almost matter!

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